Gunny Sack Prints 2

Gunny Sack Prints 2: set of 7 styles and 10 png files depicting fruits and peppers. This is especially geared for making drawstring bags, I just didn't have a chance yet to make one to show you. Three of the styles are gunny sack bases while the other four are inks for the linen. Ink colors are black, brick red, denim blue, and dark green. Of the png files, there are two pretreated FICTICIOUS farm name pngs ready to be plopped onto the gunny sacks. These are free bonus pngs separate from the fruit images. Then there are ten unaltered fruit pngs for lemon/lime, tangerine, raspberry, cherry, strawberry, pear, apple, bell pepper, avocado, jalepeno pepper. This is so you can center your fruit image onto the fabric. These pngs can also be turned into brushes if you want to make your own paper. Just be careful of the lemon/lime one. It was all I had and it was only at 150 dpi, but it should be large enough to suit most purposes. Also try cross stitch lettering on these. Real gunny sack prints don't come in green as the ink is too expensive. Takes red, yellow, and black ink to make this green, but I thought it was too cool to pass up. Our family kept a garden. We went to the feed store once a month.


  • Model: SS-0340
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  • Manufactured by: Deborah Ramos, Think Pink Pixels

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