Shipping & Returns

NOTE to AOL Users: If you are on AOL or using an AOL browser and cannot access your account, open a browser window (Internet Explorer or Firefox) OUTSIDE of AOL and try that. Also, if you are on AOL, make sure to add to your address book/whitelist, or check your spam/bulk folder for email from us. AOL is notorious for bouncing and deleting email in their bulk/spam folders!

 Design Formats

Please read the End User License Agreement(EULA) in each product .zip file. We put multiple file formats into one .zip file. You are responsible for knowing where to install what. If you don't know which file goes where, then refer to our Installation instructions.

Downloads & Shipping

We do NOT email your order to you! You download it from our website after your payment has cleared. If you pay by PayPal eCheck, your order will not be available until after PayPal clears the funds on OUR end, which unfortunately usually takes anywhere from 2 - 4 business days. PayPal notifies us on our end when the payment is cleared and then our server can release the order so you can download.

If you ordered a downloadable product, you will be able to download it immediately (provided you paid with PayPal or credit card, and NOT eCheck). If you paid with check/money order or eCheck, you can log into your account once payment is received/cleared on our end and download from the link in your order history.

To log into your account, go to: and click the "Login' link, & use the email address and password you selected when you first created your account to process your order. You will see at the TOP LEFT corner of the page a link that either says Log In or My Account. If it says Log In, click it and log in. Once you see My Account, click that. It will allow you to access your order history, newsletter settings, and other account-related items.

NOTE: logins from other Think Pink Pixel sites or from Yahoogroups WILL NOT WORK!!!

If you ordered a shippable product, US orders usually ship within 3-4 working days (Tues. - Friday), International orders within 5 working days.

If you cannot access your account page (or get the 404...! error message) and you are on AOL, open a separate browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox) OUTSIDE of AOL and try that.

Please email us at: with your order number in the subject line if you have any questions about your order status.


Please note, due to the electronic nature of our products, we do NOT give refunds!!!!
There are NO exceptions to this policy!

It is up to you to confirm if a product will work with your particular machine/computer/program BEFORE you order. Please email with any questions regarding program version, design format or any other question BEFORE ordering.

If you order a physical product (CD, book, etc.) and it arrives damaged, you must notify us within 3 days of receiving the product for instructions. We will send you the procedure to determine if the product is defective. (99 out of 100 times, it is not defective unless it's damaged during shipping.) If it is found to be defective, return instructions and an RMA will be issued to you.

NOTE: Any product returned to us found not to be defective will be returned to you with extra postage due as well as a 10% of purchase price handling fee. We will replace defective merchandise with like merchandise ONLY. In some instances, if duplicate merchandise is not available, we will offer store credit or equivalent merchandise at our discretion.

DO NOT return any items to us without obtaining authorization FIRST. It will be refused and sent back to you at your expense.

Thank you!
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